UXP Monitoring 2.2 and 2.3 Improve Scalability and Security

Key highlights:
• clustering solution for monitoring;
• e-mail notification option for monitoring issues;
• more secure monitoring.

UXP Monitoring is an important cornerstone for governance in the UXP ecosystem. It helps the Governing Authority (GA) keep an eye on operations of a UXP instance and organizations to take care of the health of the data exchange services. In 2020, we have released Monitoring versions 2.2 and 2.3. that further enhance the crucial governance function.

Clustering Solution for Monitoring
The Governing Authority and organizations in UXP use monitoring for detecting operational problems and unlikely security breaches in the system by analyzing the message statistics. The clustering of monitoring components adds an additional layer of assurance that the monitoring system performs well even in the most demanding analysis scenarios. Higher scalability, resiliency and better performance will ensure that fewer incidents will go unnoticed by the GA and organizations.

We have also updated the visualization solution for UXP monitoring. Besides improved aesthetics with a dark theme added, there are many functional improvements - new date picker, keyboard shortcuts and an expandable expression editor for the dashboard, just to name a few.

E-mail Notification in Case of Monitoring Issues
In a distributed system like UXP, it is not possible to guarantee that all systems are reachable to each other all the time. Network, hardware and software errors may occur. With this improvement, when the monitoring system cannot reach other nodes of UXP, it will send an e-mail to the administrator to notify them about the incident. This proactive approach helps to manage the availability of the monitoring system better and to react to connectivity problems in a timely manner.

More Secure Monitoring
The UXP Core 1.13 release added support for longer, more secure RSA keys and also for elliptic curve key generation algorithms, which offer a performance boost. These same improvements were also added to the monitoring component. All these security measures will make it even harder for malicious actors to potentially compromise the traffic between monitoring and other UXP components.

More technically speaking, UXP Monitoring integrates with new Elasticsearch 7.x and Kibana tools, supports Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Java 11. TLS 1.3 is added as default protocol for internal UXP communication with UXP monitoring.

For more details look at the UXP Monitoring release notes.