New UXP Core Released - Improved Service Integration and Management of High Availability

UXP Core release 1.14 wraps up the year 2020 for UXP product development. The release makes integration of REST services more convenient for both service providers and system integrators. It also enhances the management of UXP high availability setups for administrators.

The lifecycle of SOAP integration technology is slowly coming to its end, while REST integrations are gaining momentum. UXP has supported REST for a while now, but earlier in 2020, we asked our customers how they want to see the future of the REST services in UXP. We made a couple of improvements based on the feedback:

  • UXP now supports more granular access rights for REST APIs. The access rights can be defined per API endpoints and HTTP verbs.

Note that customers with existing REST integrations do not have to do anything after the change as all the permissions will remain as they are. However, they can now specify the access rights from the API level to the API endpoint and HTTP verb level. Together with the new REST related user interface, we changed the behaviour of the management of SOAP services more similar to REST.

Another area of improvement is related to load balancing and high availability:

  • load balancers can now check the health of UXP security servers using a special UXP service. Thus, a load balancer can recognize if a UXP security server is not fully functional and then stop directing traffic to it. Maintaining high availability clusters is now also easier, as we have introduced a tool to export and import the configuration of clients, services and service access rights between security servers. This means all configuration changes can be exported from one security server and imported to all the other servers in a cluster.

With this release it is easier to publish services to all UXP network members. In the global configuration, there is a global group where all UXP members are added automatically. Service providers can add the global group permission to the service when they want to make the service globally accessible in the UXP network.

The 3rd UXP Core release in 2020 concludes the year. The coming year has a lot more to bring. Our target is to make the administration and deployment of UXP significantly more affordable and convenient. At the same time, we have many unique features in development that will help to enhance the security and privacy of the digital society.

Stay tuned!