Why Cybernetica?

  • Working Time


    Working Time

    Flexible Hours

    We trust you to know best when you are most productive and how best shape your days. You get to design your work schedule based on your own rhythm and preference.

    Remote Work

    Whether you wish to work from home or another country entirely, at Cybernetica we offer the possibility of remote working for most positions.

    Private Space

    We understand your need to focus and create a good working space to get in the zone. At Cybernetica, we have private 1–3 people offices, instead of an open office solution.

    Recharging Your Batteries

    Cybernetica offers 28 calendar days of paid vacation per year, which is extended if you have a PhD degree and even longer if you work in research. In addition to that, your paid vacation is extended based on how long you have stayed with us.

  • Work-Life Balance


    Work-Life Balance

    Cybernetica holds work-life balance in high esteem. We expect people to stay with us for a long time, following each other through the significant life events.

    Starting School

    We value education and parental support, offering you a day off for the first day of school from 1st to 4th grade.

    Summer Retreat

    Every summer, we hold an all-inclusive two-day summer retreat somewhere in the nature, filled with edutainment and a plethora of activities (we’ve built a sauna, gone kiting, engineered a chain reaction – you name it!) together with our entire team.

    Celebrate Together

    We have two annual celebrations – Cybernetica’s anniversary and the Christmas gala, where your special someone is always invited.

    …Including Your Children

    Christmas is a particularly exciting children, so in addition to the Christmas gala for the parents, we host a special children’s party in both Tallinn and Tartu with fun activities and age-appropriate presents.

    Welcome to the World

    Having a child calls for celebration – we provide a bonus with a Cybernetica-themed gift for the baby. We also hold a special ceremony at the Christmas gala, where all the babies born during the year get a personally engraved silver spoon.

    …And to the Office

    Our offices have designated play areas, filled with educational toys and art supplies. That applies to all tiny family members, including your pets.

  • Learning Opportunities


    Learning Opportunities

    We highly value knowledge and education. We love to solve puzzles, learn new things and improve ourselves on a daily basis.

    Getting Your Degree

    We support you in your academic studies – easily combine your studies with your working schedule, attend lectures and write your thesis. We can also provide your thesis topic and supervisor. Cybernetica congratulates you for getting your PhD degree with a bonus.


    We offer a range of internal seminars and the possibility to attend events, seminars and conferences of your choice.

    Language Studies

    We support you in your language studies by compensating an external course or offering internal English language courses.

    Knowledge Hub

    Cybernetica has an extensive professional analog library in both Tallinn and Tartu offices. Our team is encouraged to suggest additions based on their interests and freely use the library.

  • Healthy Lifestyle


    Healthy Lifestyle

    Mens sana in corpore sano, the age-old adage says. We at Cybernetica like to keep our bodies as active as our minds, offering various benefits to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Choose Your Own Sport

    Everyone has a different preference for staying active – we offer a quarterly sports compensation for your expenses spent on sporting activities, such as gym memberships.

    Team Activities

    We like to take part in different group activites, ranging from skiing trips to orienteering to bicycle hikes to interesting locations.

    Look Smart

    Cybernetica has its own range of pro-level sports clothes, with special prices offered in-house.

    Stay Healthy

    In addition to a yearly health check-up, partly compensation for glasses and first days of your sick leave, we encourage you to stay healthy and stay home when feeling under the weather – we offer five paid health days a year for you to recuperate and return feeling better.

    Healthy Environment

    We spend a lot of time around screens, sitting at desks. We offer a masseuse service at the office and the possibility to choose ergonomic furniture and feel-good appliances, including humidifiers, light therapy lamps and silent spaces.

Life at Cybernetica

We value an atmosphere of learning, collaboration and pro-active problem solving, paying great attention also to work-life balance.

Our values derive from our people and we hold value workshops to understand what is important to the team. We strive to be the best in what we do, but also in how we do things, creating a work atmosphere that values each individual.

Find out more about the benefits we offer by clicking on the keywords or contact us if you have any specific questions about the work environment at Cybernetica.


Kerli Reimann
Cybernetica LinkedIn