About us

About us


Cybernetica is a R&D intensive ICT company that researches, develops and manufactures software solutions, maritime surveillance and radio communications systems; investigates and applies theoretical and practical security solutions.

Cybernetica values the creativity of employees and respect between customers and colleagues. We support the professional development and achievements of our employees.

Our goal is to strengthen the position of Cybernetica as an international ICT competence centre, while offering internationally competitive products and services.

Integrated management system of Cybernetica is certified  according to the standard ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013. Read more Quality and environment.

Cybernetica AS supports students with three fellowships, please read more about fellowship.

Cybernetica offices in Tallinn and Tartu are located on new premises; workplaces and laboratories are equipped with state of the art equipment and measuring capabilities.

The modernisation of research equipment in Cybernetica has been conducted with European Regional Development Fund’s co-financing.



Cybernetica was established as a private limited company in 1997 as the successor of the applied research unit of the Institute of Cybernetics of the Academy of Sciences of Estonia, established in 1960. The applied R&D laboratory of the Institute had an integral role in delivering large scale factory automation projects, but also founding the scientific paradigms for information security and cryptography in Estonia.

Today, Cybernetica is known as a key player in several world-renowned e-Government projects, such as developing the Estonian X-Road platform or the Internet voting software, but also in radio communication solutions for Maritime Authorities. As part of its heritage, Cybernetica still focuses on R&D in information security – it’s institute of Information Security works collaboration with top universities from Europe, but also with institutions from the USA and Japan.


  • 2014

    Smartmatic-Cybernetica Centre of Excellence for Internet Voting OÜ established

  • 2013

    First deployment of FFL lighthouse equipment at the Baltic Sea

  • 2011

    First DARPA-funded R&D contract in Estonia

  • 2011

    Export of knowledge and skills of e-Government started

  • 2009

    First installation of remote surveillance system for Eastern border of Estonia

  • 2007

    First i-voting solution in the world that is used for Parliamentary elections

  • 2004

    ePolice Telematics equipment development

  • 2004

    Gulf of Finland Reporting System

  • 2004

    Estonian Customs infosystem development

  • 2001

    X-Road project for secure use of public databases

  • 1998

    Marine Technology Solutions

  • 1997

    Drafting of the law on digital signatures and developing an infrastructure supporting the implementation

  • 1997

    Cybernetica AS established

  • 1994

    First ekta™ AtoN telematics system deployed

  • 1993

    Inception of Cryptographic R&Ds

  • 1976

    Computer R&D Division EKTA established

  • 1960

    Estonian Academy of Sciences Institute of Cybernetics established