i-Voting is used as an additional voting method to better support the generality of elections


Internet voting (i-Voting) allows voters to participate in an election over the Internet using a PC or notebook with Internet connection. i-Voting is used as an additional voting method to improve accessibility of elections.


  • i-Voting can be used from anywhere in the world – traveling citizens could easily participate in elections held at home. Voter can vote when and where it is most suitable – practically from anywhere in the world.
  • i-Voting facilitates the timely publication of accurate election results. Election organizers can publish accurate election results already in the evening of the election day.



Security of i-Voting is based on cryptographic protocol, technical setup and auditable organizational procedures. Public-key encryption and digital signatures are used for the protection of ballot secrecy and integrity. Voter can later verify that her vote was cast as intended and accepted as cast by the central system.


Cybernetica has been the developer for the internet voting software for Estonian internet elections since the first internet elections in 2005. As of 2016, Cybernetica has signed a long term agreement to further develop the software, upon winning a public EU bid.

In 2014, the Smartmatic-Cybernetica Centre of Excellence for Internet Voting OÜ (SCCEIV) was created to study and develop internet voting on a global scale. Visit the SCCEIV website (www.ivotingcentre.ee/)

The SCCEIV-developed solution applicable to and easily implemented in other countries was successfully piloted in Utah during the US presidential primaries in 2016.

Take a look at the internet-voting whitepaper (pdf)

Visit the Estonian National Electoral Committee website (www.vvk.ee)

Smartmatic and Cybernetica have together developed TIVI, the solution for secure and verifiable online voting. Find out more at TIVI official website