Cybernetica's Unified eXchange Platform (UXP) technology brings the world’s best interoperability solution to your country, organisation or enterprise.

Release Notes

Cybernetica provides full set of necessary software to establish secure data exchange between organisations and information systems. Here are the details about stable releases by different components

Please find more information about the product and its components in the “Materials” section

UXP Registry, monitoring and security server

  • 1.8 – 10.2017

    UXP now has Microsoft Azure Key Vault support.
    UXP has support for additional message encryption (can use encryption algorithms not supported by TLS)

  • 1.7 — 06.2017

    REST APIs can now be provided and consumed over UXP infrastructure.
    WSDLs containing import statements are now supported.

  • 1.6 — 05.2017

    Upgraded to new version of Elasticsearch for collecting monitoring analytics.
    Security and performance improvements.
    Improved Registry server high availability solution.

  • 1.5 — 03.2017

    UXP can now be installed on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
    WSDLs that do not describe response message (push services) are now supported.

  • 1.4 — 10.2016

    UXP now supports SOAP 1.2 messages.
    UXP WSDL handling now supports services without UXP/X-Road headers. This allows providing existing SOAP services via UXP without any modification.

  • 1.3 — 07.2016

    UXP supports translation of user interfaces.
    Several security improvements.

  • 1.2 — 04.2016

    UXP Monitoring Server is introduced. Security servers send monitoring information to UXP Monitoring server that makes it available to Zabbix.Support for gathering and analyzing of transaction statistics. Statistical information about transactions is collected, analyzed and visualized.

  • 1.1  — 03.2016

    UXP supports multihomed mode of operation. UXP can be installed in an environment consisting of several disconnected networks (for example, private network and internet). Security servers can be connected to several networks and they automatically select the correct network for sending data to the communication partner.
    Added system status view in security server.
    Several bugfixes and enhancements.

  • 1.0  — 12.2015

    First release of UXP core components.
    This version of UXP is based on SDSB (Secure Distributed Service Bus) research project carried out by Cybernetica. The SDSB project was started in 2012 to review experiences with previous versions of X-Road data exchange platform. During this project, new architecture was designed from scratch according to updated requirements.

UXP Connector

  • 1.3 — 10.2017

    It is now possible to configure Content-type header used for sending attachments
    Added output parameter type FILE. FILE parameters point to files in the file system that are returned as attachments.

  • 1.2 — 02.2017

    UXP Connector can be installed on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
    JDBC drivers for popular databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, MS SQL, HSQLDB) are packaged with UXP Connector
    Updated documentation

  • 1.1 — 06.2016

    SOAP attachments are supported.
    User interface can be translated to other languages.
    Connections with security server are secured using mutually authenticated TLS.

  • 1.0 — 01.2016

    First version of UXP Connector. UXP Connector is rapid development tool for creating UXP Services based on a SQL query. It generates UXP-compatible WSDL descrpition files and SOAP interfaces.
    UXP Connector supports all databases with JDBC drivers.

UXP Portal

  • 1.2 —  10.2017

    Added support for authentication plugins.
    Added support for attachments.
    Improved multilanguage support.

  • 1.1 —  01.2017

    UXP Portal can be installed on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
    Bugfixes and minor improvements.

  • 1.0 — 10.2015

    UXP Portal is a generic web application that provides user interface for consuming UXP services without any programming.

UXP Trust Services

  • 1.0 — 04.2017

    UXP Trust Services can be installed on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
    Updated dependencies.
    Bugfixes and improvements.

  • 0.9 — 05.2016

    Initial release of UXP Trust Services.

UXP Service Directory

  • 1.0 — 06.2017

    First version of UXP Service Directory. UXP Service Directory collects information about services offered in the UXP infrastructure and allows users to search for services and download service descriptions.