Sea Surveillance Systems

Design and implementation of integrated large area Marine traffic surveillance systems including radar, camera and other sensors for border guard and secure marine traffic needs

Sea Surveillance Systems

The Cybernetica team develops and implements technology for coverage of extensive areas, in order to offer border security, marine traffic awareness, and safety at sea.

From 2005 onwards, Cybernetica has actively contributed to the protection of the external borders of the European Union in the development and deployment of its solutions. The solutions were initially created with the Estonian border in mind, but this initiative has been extended to many foreign countries. The resulting solutions have also been used in other solutions.

We offer our customers complete solutions to complex problems. In order to detect and recognize small floating vessels at any time, the needs of the system are met through the use of radar, fluorescent cameras, infrared cameras, thermal cameras, and other measuring and tracking devices.

Equipment information is collected in real-time control centers, and then stored for post-processing.

Cybernetica makes use of a wide range of equipment, including(but not limited to) remote surveillance sites, weather-resistant equipment, containers, UPS and generator power solutions to ensure security, and metering and data transmission solutions. The entire system can be monitored and managed through use of the multifunctional, user-friendly software that Cybernetica has developed.


Rein Haavel (Head of the Surveillance Systems Department)

E-mail: Phone: +372 639 7072