Estonian Tax and Customs Board launched a new Master Tariff System developed by Cybernetica in cooperation with Arctic Group

28. Apr 2017

On 20 April, the Estonian Tax and Customs Board made the new Estonian Master Tariff System (EMTS) available to users. The system was developed by Cybernetica in cooperation with Arctic Group and is used to facilitate the operations of international trader companies.

The new system is based on the ArcticTARIFF solution, created by Arctic Group and now owned and developed by KGH Customs Services. The software is already in use and is well established in six EU Member States, including Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. While compatible with EU requirements, the solution allows for Member State specific national tax accounting. Cybernetica has also developed a smartphone web application, which is the first of its kind in Europe.

According to Cybernetica’s Project Manager, Urmo Braun, the project has been a first cooperation with Arctic Group providing valuable experience for Cybernetica in the field of product integration. “We believe that there will be similar cooperation projects in the future. Also, we have a long-standing and excellent cooperation with The Estonian Tax and Customs Board that have been a forward-looking partner for us, demanding innovative solutions such as the current project. Besides the improved functionality, we have paid much attention to the usability of the system”.

Cybernetica AS is a cyber security, high tech hardware and software R&D company that originates from the applied research unit of the Institute of Cybernetics of the Academy of Sciences of Estonia, established in 1960. Cybernetica has played an active part in the development of Estonian e-Governance solutions, including the general principles of and legal framework for e-Governance, the Digital Signatures Act and digital signature technology, the X-Road interoperability platform, the internet voting software, a EU compatible customs information system and a number of other important solutions. Currently, Cybernetica is actively engaged in the export of e-Governance solutions.