SK and Cybernetica launch secure digital identity Smart ID

04. Nov 2016

AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus (SK) and Cybernetica introduced the new secure digital identity solution  Smart-ID which is usable with all relevant mobile devices all over the world.

The aim of the solution is to simplify the use of secure digital services, as has been witnessed in Estonia upon adopting the Mobile-ID solution. Estonian Mobile-ID was SIM-card dependent, as the certificates are tied with the physical chip, whereas Smart-ID uses state-of-the-art cryptography that enables a digital identity that is completely device and chip independent.

„We introduced the concept of Smart ID, a secure mobile solution that simplifies the use of digital service, one year go,“ says Urmo Keskel, the product manager from SK. „We are now ready to launch a working product that can be used both for authentication and digital signature,“ Keskel adds.

For convenient use of the solution, a cross-platform app was created that works on virtually all mobile devices anywhere in the world. „Our aim was to create a modern electronic identity solution that could be used regardless of what device you choose to use – but retain a high level of security at the same time. We have managed to create this kind of a solution together with our partner, Cybernetica, and we are glad to see that not only did we fulfill our aim, but we created a solution that is trully globally useable,“ says Kalev Pihl, CEO of SK.

According to Oliver Väärtnõu, the CEO of Cybernetica, the solution enables the use of secure digital services world-wide. „Smart-ID is a fully compliant, secure digital identity solution that utilises the best crypto there is in the world today, using a unique shared key generation and share exchange mechanism. The high standards of security mean that it can be used for authentication and legally binding services in virtually any sector – be it e-Government services, banking or even elections,“ Väärtnõu says.

In order to use Smart-ID, the user needs to download the app via GooglePlay or AppStore, provide first-time authentication (currently, bank authentication or Mobile-ID is used), create PIN1 and PIN2 passcodes for authentication and digital signature, and is ready to go. The user experience is simple and intuitive.