Ukraine to implement Cybernetica UXP technology for governmental secure data exchange

20. Jul 2017

Cybernetica won the e-Governance Academy-held bid as a part of EGOV4UKRAINE project of the Ukrainian U-LEAD administrative reform support programme to implement UXP (Unified eXchange Platform) across Ukrainian government for secure data exchange. UXP will be implemented in cooperation with a local partner, Ukrainian IT-company Soft Xpansion Ukraine.

According to Oliver Väärtnõu, CEO of Cybernetica, the export-focused product concept has already proven itself, as more countries implement the technology. „While in Estonia people are very used to the ubiquitous digital services, other countries face challenges when trying to implement new technologies – especially if they are critical core systems. With UXP product development, we focused specifically for the client abroad – the implementation process is transparent and adding new services is simple,“ Väärtnõu said.

Today, UXP technology is already in use in Finland, Namibia and Haiti. „We are glad to see that UXP has proven itself in countries with such different user needs. Currently we have ongoing negotiations with two large countries to start UXP pilot projects, as of today Ukraine is still the largest to implement our technology across the entire government,“ Väärtnõu added.

Riho Kurg, Head of Product at Cybernetica, emphasised the continuation of cooperation even after finalising the implementation process. „This project is a remarkable leap for both UXP and Cybernetica in general. We are very glad for the long-term cooperation we have had with eGA and our Ukrainian partners – Cybernetica will be the support partner after implementation, meaning collaboration for years to come,“ Kurg said. „UXP has a very high export potential and large-scale projects establish it further. For Ukraine, we are developing a country-specific cryptographic solution, which will give us yet another valuable experience that we can put to future use,“ Kurg added.

According to Oleksander Ryzhenko, Head of the State Agency for e-Governance in Ukraine, the inter-institutional data exchange solution will serve as the fundamental infrastructure for providing e-services. “E-services will shape the economy of Ukraine, increase competitiveness and offer citizens the freedom to use public services 24/7 where it is most convenient for them,” said Ryzhenko. “Data itself should run, not people”.

UXP is an interorganisational secure data exchange platform developed by Cybernetica, who developed the Estonian renowned data exchange platform X-Road in 2001.

Cybernetica, founded in 1997, is an Estonian cyber security company, notable for its central role in building Estonian e-government technologies for data exhange, e-customs, internet voting, digital identity and others. Cybernetica develops and deploys mission critical systems in over 35 countries across the world.