Obituary - Aleksandr Lenin

Aleksandr Lenin was a valued colleague, who joined Cybernetica in 2013 as a Junior Researcher, and continued his career as a Researcher after obtaining his PhD in 2015. He conducted extensive research on security technologies that had a direct impact on the work that Cybernetica carries out.

Cybernetica signs agreement with Aruba Government to build secure data exchange

Cybernetica and the Government of Aruba, represented by Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes, signed an agreement that marks the start of a pilot project to set up secure data exchange and interoperability for digital government services. The Government of Aruba aims to digitalise government services for better citizen experience, and Cybernetica will be providing the technological platform as well as advisory.

Cybernetica to Research Cryptographic Algorithms and Possibilities for Their Implementation for Estonian Information System Authority

Cybernetica will research various cryptographic algorithms and their support in software libraries and information systems for Estonian Information System Authority. The goal of the research is to provide an overview and assessment of the current situation, search for possibilities and make future suggestions on the implementation of cryptographic algorithms.

Cybernetica Granted Funding from DARPA to Enhance Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Governmental Applications

Cybernetica was granted funding by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) under PROVENANCE (PROofs and Verifications between governmENts ANd CitizEns) project to bring value to communication between the public and private sector by creating techniques for constructing meaningful zero-knowledge proofs. The goal is to improve government’s interactions with citizens, companies and other governments by enabling them to confidentially handle sensitive data.

The Estonian Coronavirus Mobile Application HOIA Is Now Available for Download

Starting today, August 20, the mobile app HOIA is available for download to your phone via, helping to curb the spread of the coronavirus with the help of app users. The application notifies the user if he has been in close contact with an infected person. The phones of the users of the application exchange anonymous codes, and the state, the manufacturer of the application, or the manufacturer of the phone will not know who was in close contact with whom.