Cybernetica cooperates with The Palestinian Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology to modernise the foundations of digital society in Palestine

Cybernetica partners with The Palestinian Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology to upgrade the state’s current data exchange layer for digital services to Cybernetica’s UXP. The company will provide the scalable technical platform along with knowledge transfer, which will pave the way for any future development of digital services.

Cybernetica and Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank Limited are developing a next-generation data management platform

Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank Limited (SMTB) in Japan is working with Cybernetica to create an innovative information bank solution that will connect service providers from various sectors from financial and e-health services to local governments. It’s a groundbreaking approach to digital services that incorporates interoperability, while giving control over data usage directly to the individual owning the data.

IDEMIA and Cybernetica announce a partnership to offer innovative smartphone-based ID authentication and an e-Signature

  • IDEMIA, global leader in Augmented Identity, and Cybernetica, leader in secure data transmissions and digital identity, partner up to offer governments and other interested parties a new two-in-one digital ID solution.
  • The solution aims to reinforce trust in mobile-based ID authentication and qualified signatures when using remote online services.

Obituary - Aleksandr Lenin

Aleksandr Lenin was a valued colleague, who joined Cybernetica in 2013 as a Junior Researcher, and continued his career as a Researcher after obtaining his PhD in 2015. He conducted extensive research on security technologies that had a direct impact on the work that Cybernetica carries out.

Cybernetica signs agreement with Aruba Government to build secure data exchange

Cybernetica and the Government of Aruba, represented by Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes, signed an agreement that marks the start of a pilot project to set up secure data exchange and interoperability for digital government services. The Government of Aruba aims to digitalise government services for better citizen experience, and Cybernetica will be providing the technological platform as well as advisory.