Cybernetica researcher Dan Bogdanov is The Outstanding Young Person 2013

Junior Chamber International (JCI) Estonia presented The Outstanding Young Person award for the 15’th time. The award ceremony took place in Haapsalu where all the nominees were introduced and the names of the four laureates revealed. This year’s awards were presented to Cybernetica researcher Dan Bogdanov, architect Andrus Kõresaar and the founders of Transferwise, Taavet Hinrikus and Kristo Käärmann. All four nominees are worthy to be role models to other young people, possessing remarkable achievements that are useful for the society.

At Cybernetica, Dan Bogdanov and his team have researched and developed a framework for securely sharing and analysing confidential data. The Sharemind framework uses secret sharing to enable cooperative multiparty confidential data analysis without losing privacy.

Read more about the Sharemind.