Cybernetica research reports series hits a milestone

This week, Cybernetica research reports series published its 20th report, reaching a significant milestone. The Cybernetica research reports series publishes papers from Cybernetica researchers and their collaborators. The papers describe new applications and techniques in the field of information security and software engineering.

It has become best practice among the researchers and developers at Cybernetica to publish useful scientific and engineering solutions to other experts in the community. Nearly all reports published since 2008 are available on Cybernetica’s website.

The 20th report comes from Margus Freudenthal, who will defend his PhD thesis in the University of Tartu in October 2013. The report describes a method for speeding up digital signatures and timestamping using batch hashes. Similar to other such results from Cybernetica, Margus’s work is finding its way into technologies that Estonia and Europe are increasingly dependent upon. The new batch signature and batch timestamp schemes will be a significant improvement to Cybernetica’s X-Road system for securely interconnecting eGovernment services.

Read the new research report here