Cybernetica launches world\'s first cloud-based secure computation application

Cybernetica launched a cloud application for analyzing public sector incomes in Estonia. The application is based on Cybernetica’s secure data analysis technology - Sharemind.

Cloud computing allows organizations and individuals to use computing and communication resources remotely over a computer network such as the Internet. This allows cloud customers to rent hardware and software instead of acquiring and maintaining it themselves. Achievable cost efficiency is shadowed by the security concerns - today’s computing technologies can not guarantee that the customers’ data are kept confidential from third parties.

Cybernetica’s Sharemind technology empowers data owners with a tool that allows to share their information without losing control. Sharemind applications protect the data owners while helping them learn new things from the data they share.

Cloud computing demonstration made in cooperated with Estonian Information System’s Authority. See the secure cloud computing demonstration.

Read more about the Sharemind.