Cybernetica Wins Bid for Cryptographic Research for Estonian Government

Cybernetica signs agreement with Estonian State Information Systems Authority at the end of last year upon winning public bid to perform and publish cryptographic algorithms life cycle reports over a four-year contract.

The cryptographic algorithms life cycle report has been published since 2011, sourcing the latest international cryptography research available to provide a state-of-the-art overview of current developments along with a set of recommendations for the use of crypto primitives and algorithms in the context of state information systems. The specific focus of each report is set via the particular tender.

According to Oliver Väärtnõu, chairman of the board at Cybernetica, the agreement will further strengthen the partnership with the Estonian State Information Systems Authority. “It means a great deal to us to be selected as the partner for such an imperative component of the foundation for our digital society. Over the last couple of years, due to recent global and local events, the knowledge about and therefore interest towards cybersecurity has increased exponentially. We are glad we can extend that knowledge not only to our partners for state-level decision-making, but also to a wider audience across the globe,” Väärtnõu says.

The reports are available on ESISA website. The 2015 report, also available in English, provided an overview of the current state of quantum computing and its effects on cryptography, along with other relevant topics. The next report is scheduled for publishing in early 2018.