UXP now available in Azure Marketplace through Cybernetica

Cybernetica recently made its enterprise grade Unified eXchange Platform® (core technology for the Estonian X-Road) available on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace in the Security + Identity category. „Microsoft has partnered with Cybernetica to bring this previously on premises technology to the cloud to take advantage of greater security and hyperscale computing“ says Dejan Cvetkovic, Microsoft’s Global Technology Officer for Public Sector.

Availability of the UXP® technology in the Azure Marketplace expands the breadth of Cybernetica’s customer reach by making it avalable in Microsoft’s 50 regions covering 140 countries worldwide says Riho Kurg, Head of UXP at Cybernetica. Azure has more global regions than any other cloud provider—offering the scale needed to bring applications closer to users around the world, preserving data residency, and offering comprehensive compliance and resiliency options for public and private sectore customers. „This combined capability enables rapid setup, deployment and remote management of UXP pilots worldwide with no new customer infrastructure required,“ Kurg adds.

UXP is created by the architects of X-Road, the e-Government system of Estonia, which according to the World Bank Development Report is what allowed Estonia to become a truly digital society. UXP-based solutions have been implemented across four continents to enable running online government services for 35 million people from different countries and cultures. By hosting UXP solutions on Azure, organizations benefit from Microsoft’s extensive cybersecurity and compliance investments in Azure. Cybernetica has built on core Azure foundation capabilities such as Azure Key Vault, which is backed up by Thales Hardware Security Modules to strengthen and secure a cloud deployment of UXP.

„What we see today is a result of a meticulous process of identifying the unique strengths of our technology and fitting them to the needs of a wider, global marketplace,“ says Oliver Väärtnõu, CEO of Cybernetica. „Building upon the business expertise of Microsoft and their capability for worldwide digital transformation, we see the possibility of an exponential growth for our technology in this joint effort,“ Väärtnõu adds. Cybernetica makes this possible by adapting UXP technology into an organization’s existing environment with minimal changes required. Cybernetica provides complete set of UXP components with consultation and support options