Cybernetica pilots secure identity management tool NGTS with Eltes in Japan

Cybernetica and ELTES piloted the NGTS (Next Generation Ticketing System) secure identity management platform, powered by Cybernetica SplitKey technology, at the Newmedia Risk Association fintech forum in Tokyo last Friday. The purpose of the pilot was to allow testing of both the technology implementation and the customer experience in a live environment.

The live pilot is the next phase of a long-term collaboration between Cybernetica and Eltes, focusing on bringing secure customer identity management and secure transaction management applications to the Japanese market. “We are very honoured to have a strategic partnership with Eltes that has now reached its first tangible results,” said Oliver Väärtnõu, CEO of Cybernetica. “The successful pilot opens up new horizons for innovative identity and transaction management tools that solve real-life issues for users,” Väärtnõu added.

Cybernetica SplitKey technology was used in the NGTS pilot to enable customer registration and authentication in order to validate customers in the admittance list, tackling the current problems with fraud and malicious trading in the Japanese ticketing market. “The NGTS pilot was successful and worked smoothly,” Eltes representative said. “We were pleased to see that in addition to the added level of security, we achieved a seamless user experience for both staffers and guests of the forum,” he added.

SplitKey technology is a secure authentication and digital signing platform developed by Cybernetica. SplitKey technology also powers the Smart-ID service, used in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania by banks, telecom operators and e-commerce providers.