Microsoft recommends UXP technology for the digitisation of Ireland in new report

Government of Ireland has released new summary report as a joint venture between the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer and Microsoft Ireland, published on July 5.

The report focuses on Ireland’s ambitions to become a leader in the provision of digital government services, formulating a blueprint for fostering progress and positive transformation.

One of the key ICT-related recommendations was to explore the opportunity to create a production pilot between two government systems, using Cybernetica UXP technology for the proof-of-concept. UXP is the core technology for the Estonian X-Road data exchange platform which has been the foundation of the Estonian e-government since 2001, and has been implemented in several countries across the world to provide a scalable and resilient solution for data integration with transparent auditability.

Microsoft and Cybernetica launched their strategic partnership earlier this year, when UXP was made available at the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. “UXP has proven its worth as a secure and scalable national data integration model already in several countires with very distinct needs,” says Riho Kurg, Head of UXP at Cybernetica. “We are glad to be a distinguished part of the report and are very excited to see where this journey takes Ireland,” Kurg adds.

The Summary Report “Enabling Digital Ireland” was a joint effort of the Government of Ireland and Microsoft Ireland, published in July 2018. The full report can be found here: