Cybernetica delivers UXP to the Government of Ukraine

Cybernetica successfully completed the second phase of the implementation of Unified eXchange Platform to be deployed in Ukraine for the governmental secure data exchange platform Trembita.

The project was initiated in 2017 as a part of EGOV4UKRAINE project of the Ukrainian U-LEAD administrative reform support programme in cooperation with a local partner, Ukrainian IT-company Soft Xpansion Ukraine.

During the second phase, relevant security functions were added in order to comply with Ukrainian safety regulations. “According to expert assessment, UXP is now production-ready and eligible to be used for governmental data exchange in Ukraine. Thanks to the fruitful cooperation with our project partners, Trembita platform is now 100%-compliant with Ukrainian cryptographic standards and regulations. Final part of expert assessment will be completed by the end of this year,” said Maksim Ovtšinnikov, Project manager at Cybernetica.

“We are very pleased with the implementation process and the high level of cooperation from our Ukrainian partners,” said Riho Kurg, Head of UXP at Cybernetica. “Cybernetica will continue with support and maintenance of the technology and head on with the strong collaboration,” Kurg added.

UXP is an interorganisational secure data exchange platform developed by Cybernetica, who developed the Estonian renowned data exchange platform X-Road in 2001. UXP technology is used by several governments, including Namibia and Haiti amongst others. Microsoft has recommended UXP as the technology of choice for secure data exchage for Ireland in their summary report “Enabling Digital Ireland”.

Cybernetica, founded in 1997, is an Estonian cyber security company, notable for its central role in building Estonian e-government technologies for data exhange, e-customs, internet voting, digital identity and others. Cybernetica develops and deploys mission critical systems in over 35 countries across the world.