Cybernetica to Strengthen Fiscal Foundations in Tunisia with Secure Data Exchange

Cybernetica will implement a secure data exchange platform for the Government of Tunisia (GOT) to strengthen local fiscal foundations and improve interoperability between national financial institutions.

The aim of the cooperation is to help the Ministry of Finance of Tunisia to improve and simplify tax administration, as well as to modernise fiscal reporting and data exchange. The key activity for this is to provide the data exchange platform that allows for secure, real-time access to all connected databases across multiple government ministries.

„We are intrigued to introduce secure data exchange to Tunisia. Implementing the Unified eXchange Platform (UXP), that is also the core of the Estonian X-Road, in yet another country striving towards efficient e-governance, is a great achievement. Taking governance to a new level by enabling enterprises with a comfortable solution for submitting taxes and increasing the transparency of the economy, is a clear sign of digital transformation and a strong step forward for Tunisia. Overall improvements of public accountability within this project will enable the creation of a diverse set of e-services and vertical governance applications built upon a secure foundation“ said Riho Kurg, Head of Data Exchange Technologies at Cybernetica.

The cooperation between Cybernetica and the Government of Tunisia started less than a year ago under the FIRST initiative. The focus is on providing software and installation, trainings, and related services to facilitate secure and efficient data exchange. This will support the re-engineering of business processes, streamlined workflows, and improved customer service through quick access to taxpayer information between institutions of the Government of Tunisia.

Cybernetica’s UXP technology has been implemented in several national data exchange frameworks, such as Trembita in Ukraine, NamX in Namibia, Pitu in Greenland, and piloted in the US, Japan, Benin and other countries across the world.

The “Fiscal Reform for a Strong Tunisia” (FIRST) project provides technical assistance and capacity building to key Government of Tunisia institutions, particularly the Ministry of Finance, to strengthen the fiscal foundations for sustainable and inclusive growth. The project is financed by the USAID, the international development agency, driving development results, and strengthening democratic governance.