Cybernetica Earned the Excellence in Innovation Award at Norwegian Business Awards

Cybernetica was awarded with the Excellence in Innovation Award at Norwegian Business Awards. The prize was brought about by strong focus on innovation in business operations, through which we have challenged our industry and achieved remarkable results in building a securer digital world around us.

As a research and development intensive ICT company, innovation and security are at the core of the business of Cybernetica. Strong combination of R&D activities gives a competitive advantage in developing world-changing technologies. As a result, our secure technologies are deployed in more than 35 countries, starting from Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates, where our marine radio communication solutions are used to coordinate vessel traffic. Not to mention research collaboration with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in the field of privacy and cybersecurity.

An important part of the business fields of Cybernetica are e-governance and digital identity, where our innovative solutions have played a substantial role in making governments and societies more efficient. For example, these include the development of the core technology for the Estonian X-Road, the Estonian Internet voting solution, which today has serviced 10 elections, but also the technology for secure authentication, SplitKey, that is behind the Smart-ID service in Estonia.

“We are deeply honoured to accept this award. Research, development and innovation have always been deeply rooted in the DNA of Cybernetica. We constantly look beyond current state of affairs, offering our clients state of the art products and solutions. For us, it is a great acknowledgement to be recognised by Norwegian-Estonian Chamber of Commerce, even though Norway is not a market that Cybernetica today operates in,” said Oliver Väärtnõu, Chairman of the Board at Cybernetica.

Norwegian Business Awards is brought to life by Norwegian-Estonian Chamber of Commerce to bring out and acknowledge the Estonian companies that have succeeded in innovating or growing their business, especially in cooperation with Norway.