Cybernetica UXP Used to Build Medical Care Services for Yokohama City in Japan

Cybernetica UXP technology will be used in a medical care services hackathon in Yokohama, the second largest city in Japan, in November this year to provide a secure data exchange platform for developing local care services in partnership with Fujisoft, particularly in the nursing care field.

The hackathon, sponsored by the City of Yokohama and hosted by the Wakamono Innovation Network 2019 Executive Committee, is held for the second time with the aim of fusing innovative technologies with practical medical services and, in a live environment, receive empirical data on how technology can enhance this critical field.

„We are glad for the opportunity to apply UXP in a practical environment in a field so critical at the moment in Japan – technology will provide the means to tackle the challenges set by a rapidly aging population“ said Riho Kurg, Head of Data Exchange Technologies at Cybernetica. „We are excited to explore the avenues for utilising UXP in Japan further, especially in domains where secure data exchange is mission-critical,“ Kurg added.

Fujisoft will be using UXP to share sensitive data of different care providers, building services that rely on this data exchange to enhance medical care services in Yokohama. Fujisoft will create an event-specific environment for the creation of services, with UXP as the underlying data exchange platform. The data is provided by care providers part of Caretech Open Lab Yokohama and shared between government agencies, private enterprises and other relevant actors to reduce administrative burdens and improve operational efficiency.