Ukraine Interoperability System Trembita to Gain Several New Functionalities

The next phase for the development of the Ukrainian interoperability system Trembita adds several important functionalities that elevate the security standards, enhances the administrating process and adds significant benefits to the user experience.

Trembita is based on Cybernetica UXP ecosystem and was launched in Ukraine already in 2017. “Trembita is one of our biggest projects for interoperability, both in scale and impact. We are honoured by the trust of the local partners and government, and excited for the next phase to continue bringing state-of-the-art interoperability solutions to Ukraine,” said Oliver Väärtnõu, CEO of Cybernetica.

“Trembita has been developed taking into account the local ecosystem from the very beginning. The new developments add functionalities that benefit both the operators of the system, and the end-users, enhancing everything from the underlying security and cryptography to the user experience,” explained Riho Kurg, Head of Data Exchange Technologies.

“One of the new additions in development is the service directory, which allows all residents of Ukraine to view at ease which services are accessible for them via Trembita - this provides a much smoother user experience,” Kurg said. The other additions in development include support for local crypto tokens, the visualisation of the monitoring system, support for new messaging formats and a ticketing system for the Trembita administrators.

Trembita was launched in 2017 and is based on Cybernetica UXP technology. The current development phase is scheduled for completion at the end of this year. The trembita is a horn used by Ukrainian highlanders and was a means of communication to bring people together. It was used to announce significant life events, like weddings.