Cybernetica Develops GDPR-Compliant Data Exchange Between Japan and EU for Medical Data

Cybernetica in collaboration with NTT DATA Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) and NTT DATA Italia S.p.A has developed a proof-of-concept for secure data exchange of personal data, particularly health data, based on the Unified eXchange Platform (UXP) technology.

Starting at the beginning of this year, the pilot was successfully completed in March, focusing on a specific use case that builds a foundation for cross-border exchange of medical data. “The aim of the project is to demonstrate the capability of UXP in the context of secure exchange of health data, which is extremely sensitive, but provides opportunities that have a great impact on the future of medicine,” said Oliver Väärtnõu, CEO of Cybernetica.

The proof-of-concept focused on a specific scenario, namely a hospital acquiring the data of a Japanese person receiving medical treatment overseas (in the EU) from the patient’s medical records in Japan. In addition to providing better treatment while abroad, seamless and appropriate treatment is available for the patient upon returning to Japan.

“It is important to keep in mind that cross-border data exchange, specifically regarding medical data which is extremely sensitive, is not only a technological challenge, but a regulatory one as well. Our POC together with NTT DATA has shown that we are capable of delivering a good technical solution which, when put into full-scale usage in the future, would be compliant to GDPR,” Väärtnõu explained.

Hanatani, who is Senior Manager of NTT DATA Corporation, says, “Under this recent circumstances in the world, this POC is an important verification. We cannot stop economic activity and people’s activities across borders, and can assume the possibility of being affected by COVID-19 at trip destinations. In that case, it will prevent unnecessary panic and discrimination if we can calmly, safely, and surely receive medical treatments. So now, I am very pleased to be able to achieve this result with Cybernetica at this timing. NTT DATA hopes to continue to collaborate with Cybernetica and NTT DATA Italia S.p.A to contribute to the realization of a more secure society through the distribution of personal data.”

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European personal data is protected by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), while Japan has recently adopted the Personal Information Protection Law.