Cybernetica to Deliver Secure Data Exchange to the Bahamas

Cybernetica has successfully implemented a secure data exchange layer for the Government of the Bahamas. The solution is based on the interoperability and secure data exchange technology, Unified eXchange Platform. Earlier this year, we announced the beginning of our cooperation with the local cloud services provider, Cloud Carib, to deliver secure data exchange to the Caribbean region.

The main goal of the project with the Government of the Bahamas has been to set up a fault-tolerant and secure data exchange layer that would increase interoperability and transparency in the region, known for its small and geographically fragmented islands. After a successful pilot project, we moved on to the full-scale implementation of a secure data exchange platform in the Bahamas. The quick progress has inspired the local government to widely endorse digitalisation, and motivated our partner, Cloud Carib, to expand the data exchange model to neighbouring countries for fostering digital transformation in the region.

“Our work with the Government of the Bahamas and Cloud Carib means a lot to us, especially considering the environment it was performed in. The coronavirus pandemic put the world in a totally new situation, where many realised the criticality of digital and remote solutions. As a result of these challenges, all the installations, supportive, and administrative tasks regarding the project were carried out remotely. This success story proves that secure data exchange can be effectively implemented from distance, which also serves as a good reference for governments and businesses around the world, still hesitating to take a step towards digital governance,” said Riho Kurg, Head of Data Exchange Technologies at Cybernetica.

The intent was to develop a foundation for local governments to establish world-class e-government environments that improve citizens’ access to public services. To ensure availability around the clock, the components of the data exchange system were duplicated, taking into account the unique geographical position of the Bahamas and its vulnerability to the forces of nature. This particular setup was created together with a local partner and expert who took care of the weatherproof structure, combining it with Cybernetica’s decades-long experience in helping countries worldwide to establish secure data exchange, data interoperability, and e-governance solutions.