UXP now available in Azure Marketplace through Cybernetica

Cybernetica recently made its enterprise grade Unified eXchange Platform® (core technology for the Estonian X-Road) available on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace in the Security + Identity category. „Microsoft has partnered with Cybernetica to bring this previously on premises technology to the cloud to take advantage of greater security and hyperscale computing“ says Dejan Cvetkovic, Microsoft’s Global Technology Officer for Public Sector.

Cybernetica partners with European Defence Agency for the first ever military research programme for next-generation naval surveillance system

European Defence Agency (EDA) and Leonardo signed grant agreement today for OCEAN2020, the first ever cross-European military research program, in consortium with Cybernetica in order to boost European defence capability with next-generation naval surveillance technology. The program adjoins partners from 15 countries and is set to last for two years with the first operational demonstration taking place in 2019 in the Mediterranean Sea.