Cybernetica announces new management structure to focus on two core businesses

Cybernetica announces changes to its management structure, as revealed by the Supervisory Board on April 22nd, introducing a renewed two-member management board with the focus on two core fields of business distributed between the domain of information security and e-governance solutions and the domain of maritime technologies comprising of marine communication, surveillance and navigation systems.

Estonian i-voting software used in Utah Republican presidential caucus in the USA

During Republican presidential caucus in Utah on the 22nd of March, voters had the opportunity to vote using the traditional methods, or to vote online. This was made possible with the use of a secure i-voting system developed in the Smartmatic-Cybernetica Internet Voting Centre of Excellence, based in Estonia, a country in Northern Europe that implemented nation-wide internet voting already in 2005 and has since used it in all local and parliamentary elections, including European Parliament elections.