SplitKey Authentication and Digital Signature Platform is a next generation digital ID technology. The platform turns end-user mobile devices into secure authentication devices, equipping online service providers with a reliable and secure end user access management tool. The platform also enables end-users to digitally sign documents in accordance with European Union regulation (eIDAS directive).

Secure authentication typically requires the use of tokens (e.g smartcards, PIN-calculators etc) in order to avoid identity theft or cloning of a digital identity. These devices are either expensive or inconvenient to use, moreover user registration typically requires a physical visit to whomever issues the relevant tokents. SplitKey offers authentication credentials secured by threshold cryptography that allows registering ordinary mobile devices (iOS and Android) for secure authentication with excellent end-user experience. See the video below to see how it works.

Fast and Scalable SplitKey platform can be deployed in high-availability and fault-tolerant setup and is designed to be used in systems and applications with extensive number of users and user operations (e-government and financial systems, large-scale commercial platforms etc.). SplitKey is fast, it enables user authentication and digital signing at the speed of instant messaging.

Reliable and Secure SplitKey platform is based on known and proven principles of the public key cryptography, digital signature schemes and PKI (Public Key infrastructure). User’s private key protection is based on threshold cryptosystem.

Cost Efficient SplitKey platform does not use specialized cryptographic tokens and does not rely on capabilities that are only available to mobile telecom operators, making it significantly more cost efficient and simpler to deploy than conventional token based digital identity solutions.

Regulatory Compliance SplitKey platform authentication function is compliant with the European Union Payment Services 2 (PSD 2) Directive and with the European Central Bank recommendations for the security of internet payments. SplitKey platform created electronic signatures are compliant with the EU regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market (eIDAS directive).

Easy to Use and Integrate SplitKey platform uses common interfaces (JSON/REST and OpenID Connect) to enable seamless integration with online service providers existing systems (e.g. i-banking, e-commerce etc.) and ensures a smooth end-user experience.

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Platform Components

  • SplitKey Core System. Consists of SplitKey core servers and HSMs.
  • SplitKey Portal. Allows for accounts management, user registration and customer support.
  • User App. End user application for authentication and digital signing running on the end-user smart device

Optional Components

  • SplitKey CA. Issues certificates necessary for user authentication and digital signing.
  • Single Sign-On. Authentication platform that allows users to access multiple applications with one login.
  • Timestamping. Ensures additional non-repudiation and reliable timing of user operations.

SplitKey and Smart-ID

SplitKey technology powers the Smart-ID service that is used in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Main customers are Nordic banks (e.g Swedbank, SEB etc), telecom operators (e.g Telia) and e-commerce providers (e.g Kaubamaja, Selver etc.).

The service is operated by SK ID Solutions AS, with technology support and maintenance provided by Cybernetica AS.

The technology applied in the SplitKey product is patented as a European patent no. 3529948.