Authenticating Access to Secure Accounts

SplitKey provides secure but simple authentication for accounts that require superior online security. Banking sites, trading platforms, government department sites, or any online portal can protect its users’ accounts by ensuring that only the user has control of their private key. Use of stolen credentials was the No. 1 action that led to data breaches in 2018 (Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report). With SplitKey’s Two-Factor Authentication, credentials alone are not enough, so phishing attacks or even a compromised server will not lead to unauthorised access of your users’ accounts and personal information.

Digital Signing and Approving Transactions

SplitKey ensures that only the user can sign or approve a transaction, due to the user retaining one piece of their private key which never leaves their device. SplitKey complies with the European QSCD (Qualified Signature Creation Device) requirements and PSD2 (Payment Services Directive). Bank transfers, contract signing, voting, call centre verification, and more can all rely on the security provided by SplitKey. Even in the event a malicious insider attempts to create a signature or verify a transaction on behalf of an end-user at server side, they do not have all the parts of the private key share to be successful.