Port Systems

Cybernetica has extensive experience in designing and implementing port communication systems, covering all communication and surveillance needs. The backbone of the system is VoIP based marine coastal radios with DSC (digital selective calling) in MF/HF/VHF bands. For internal port management we provide integrated communication using digital radios or UHF band radios. All communications are recorded with time stamps and can be replayed at any time.

River and Lock System

For river and lock systems, in order to provide river traffic safety, we provide voice and digital communication solutions. Our system supports ATIS functionality, to identify vessels. All radio sites can be connected to one or more operator centers that can assume full control at any time. The system does not only provide communication, but also control. Remote monitoring including cameras and remote control over cameras and locks.

Marine Search and Rescue, GMDSS

The GMDSS system deals with life or death critical situations. Our systems provide communication for all marine radio bands together with DSC in accordance with IMO and IALA standards and recommendations, covering areas from A1 to A3. The solution also offers automatic and continuous voice and DSC recording, alerts and visualization of DSC emergency messages on a map. Among many other features, we provide automatic, online, text-to-speech synthesis based message broadcast possibilities.

Border Police Solutions

For border police we provide tailor made solutions to meet the specific needs. Cybernetica has experience with radar systems over large areas, camera systems (both daylight and infrared) with pan-tilt-zoom, controlled either manually by the operator or automatically by tracking, based on radar or video. All voice and data communications are encrypted to provide the required security. All information can be shared by multiple operator centers or field patrols. The system also provides automatic monitoring and automated alerts about activities.

Offshore Solutions

For offshore platforms we provide remote control and surveillance. The platforms can be equipped with marine and air VHF transceivers, radars or camera systems. The system supports offshore and costal operator working positions with seamless handling of remote or on-site servicing. Among many features, our solution provides continuous monitoring, early warnings, alert messages, integration with other systems (security, emergency, etc.) and remote control with feedback.

Systems for Mandatory Reporting Areas

The IMO mandatory reporting areas have many common requirements, but every region has their specific aspects. Our systems provide communication for all marine radio bands together with DSC in accordance with IMO and IALA standards and recommendations. Besides radio communication our system can integrate information from radars or AIS to form a common traffic overview. For AIS we provide simple receivers or full costal AIS networks. All this information can be accessed from multiple operator centers that can service multiple watch zones.