Sharemind is a data analysis system for securely processing confidential information. Sharemind protects your data better than standard databases thanks to its use of secret sharing. Secret sharing allows you to share your records with your partners without losing control.

The following video gives you an overview of the Sharemind technology.

Sharemind is easy to integrate with new and existing information systems. Sharemind Server is a database and application server similar to other popular database offerings. The Sharemind Client Framework is used for creating custom applications for collecting and importing data and making queries.

Sharemind can be deployed with a range of data analysis functions that can compute statistics or perform more complex data mining tasks. These functions can be developed using the Sharemind Software Development Kit (SDK).

With Sharemind, you can

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Business Domains

  • Linking confidential databases
  • Financial analytics in a trade associations
  • Preventing fraud
  • Secure storage and queries for genomes


  • The data is encrypted on-site by data owners and uploaded to Sharemind
  • Data analysts build and run queries without accessing data
  • Sharemind processes the queries without removing the protection
  • Results are presented in encrypted format, accessible only by authorised users
  • All computations and results follow set policies and are fully auditable