Cloud Storage for Genomic Data

We designed an encrypted genome data storage and querying mechanism for Sophia Genetics, a global leader in data-driven medicine. Our solution allows a user to efficiently query encrypted genome sequences on the cloud without giving the cloud host the decryption keys to the genomic data.

Data-driven Policy Making for Governments and NGOs

Sharemind helped the Estonian Association of Information and Communication Technology (ITL) investigate if there is a relation between working during studies and not graduating in time. Our solution created more accurate results and preserved the privacy at the same time, linking data from Estonian Ministry of Finance and Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.

Financial Benchmarking for Industrial Consortia

Estonian IT companies wanted to understand their economic environment based on their confidential metrics (e.g. proportions of export turnover, average salary by profession and employee flow). Sharemind´s secure multiparty computation was a perfect platform to analyze this kind of data without revealing business secretes and creating realistic system to evaluate markets.

Cloud Services with True Anonymity

Tartu City Government’s workplace satisfaction program used Sharemind technology to build a secure survey system, where all replies were encrypted and fully anonymized. This method creates an atmosphere where people can be honest and companies have real answers to build their strategy on.