Application Server and SecreC

Modern and user-friendly interface to monitor Sharemind Application Server.

Support for 3-party protection domain (protocol suite) secure against active adversaries.

Support for client disconnects and reconnects while running a SecreC program.

Sharemind Analytics

Optional differential privacy support.

Integrations with industry standard data analytics tools.

Release notes

March 2019

Application Server and SecreC

Introduced Debian meta-packages and automatic key generation for easier development set up of Sharemind MPC.

Fixed several issues to increase overall performance.

Sharemind Analytics

Rmind gained support for factors, that allows to use string literals instead of their generated classifier values in expressions.

December 2018

Application Server and SecreC

Execution profiling is now per SecreC process instead of per Application Server process.

Added fixed point versions of abs, choose and shuffle to the SecreC Standard Library.

SecreC compiler now warns about usage of deprecated SecreC functions.


SecreC Standard Library includes a new trace module that enables SecreC programs to log well-structured information about the process itself and data the process loads or saves. This module is used by the Sharemind Analytics Engine (Rmind back-end) and may also be used by custom SecreC programs.

Sharemind CSV Importer back-end logs the SHA-256 hash value of the user-uploaded data to allow re-producible analysis.

Released Sharemind MPC Tracer (sharemind-trace), a stand-alone command-line tool that extracts structured information from Application Server logs and shows data flow between SecreC processes. Its output uses Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN).

September 2018

Application Server and SecreC

Now it is possible to run existing client applications (e.g. Rmind) with a single Sharemind Application Server running the shared3p emulation module.

Added floating point data type support to several statistical functions in the SecreC Standard Library.

Added fixed point data type support to the shared3p module of the SecreC Standard Library.

Sharemind Analytics

Added floating point data type support to several statistical functions in Rmind.

Added support for Hosmer–Lemeshow test, Fisher’s exact test and ROC AUC (area under the receiver operating characteristic curve).

June 2018

Application Server and SecreC

Disabled TLS session resumption by default in both the Sharemind Application Server and client applications as storing TLS session resumption tickets is known to defeat Perfect Forward Secrecy.

SecreC now allows numeric literals to be annotated by type, e.g. instead of 0 :: uint64 it’s now also possible to directly write 0u64.

Improved leakage information in the documentation of several SecreC standard library functions.

Fixed an issue where SecreC programs compiled in heterogeneous environments could not be invoked as they had differing hash values.

March 2018

Application Server and SecreC

The whitelisting based access control system is replaced by new access control system that manages access on three levels: authorized users, which users can run which SecreC programs and, as a new level, which SecreC programs have access to which data resources. All three levels of this access policy are configured in a single access policy configuration file.

Sharemind JavaScript client library is now distributed so that it can also be used from NodeJS command-line applications and not only from web browsers.

December 2017

Application Server and SecreC

Fixed a critical bug in Sharemind MPC JavaScript client library that resulted in leaking the user input values to one of the Sharemind hosts.

Several stability and usability improvements.

Sharemind Analytics

Added principal component analysis (PCA) to Rmind

September 2017

Application Server and SecreC

Created Java (JNI) bindings for building stand-alone Sharemind MPC client applications with Java.

Several network-layer fixes.

Several SecreC typechecker fixes.

Sharemind Analytics

Added support for sqrt, ln, log, log10, exp, erf, sin in Rmind

Rmind general linear model (GLM) output includes Wald test for testing statistical significance of the model coefficients and Akaike information criterion for comparing models.

Created self-hosted web-based user interfaces for Rmind (called Rmind Studio) and CSV Importer. Beta versions available together with command-line versions of Rmind and CSV Importer.

June 2017

Application Server and SecreC

For consistency, several Sharemind MPC binaries have been renamed.

It is possible to authorise Sharemind clients by the granularity of deployed SecreC programs.

Sharemind Application Server now requires a valid license file to run.

Reduced communication in integer division protocol by public divisor by 30% and in floating point protocols by up to 10%.

Fixed several issues in Sharemind Web Application Gateway that occurred under high load.

Fixed several network-layer issues.

Sharemind Analytics

Sharemind Analytics Engine has a configurable threshold that sets the smallest dataset size allowed as input to procedures that publish aggregate results to the client.

Sharemind Analytics Engine allows Sharemind Application Server hosts to enable or disable its individual functions.

March 2017

Application Server and SecreC

Added support for web-based client applications. HTTP interface is enabled by the new Sharemind Web Application Gateway component. A gateway is deployed in front of each Sharemind Application Server, which mediates communication between the Sharemind server and web-browser.

SecreC standard library now uses a much faster C++ implementation of quicksort algorithm.

December 2016

Application Server and SecreC

Added a new key-value based database module mod_keydb, which supports reading and writing of public or private data according to public keys.

Completely reqritten mechanisms for creating authenticated client application sessions and starting of Sharemind processes, improving robustness and security.

Improved the performance of CHACHA2020 pseudo-random number generator, which is now also the default.

Fixed multiple issues in the networking layer causing servers and client applications to hang.

Fixed multiple issues causing high CPU usage in the application server.

Sharemind Analytics

Added support for performing a table join based on more than one key column and on string data type columns.


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