„Interoperability is not an end in itself but an enabler for helping government use technology to improve government services and operations.“ – Pardo, Nam, Burke1

Unified eXchange Platform is designed to be the interoperability backbone of major operations involving stakeholders across the public and private sector. It innovates the way confidential data is securely shared for the optimisation of business process and models.

However, exceptional technology takes you only as far as you allow it to. As we want you to go far, our advisory services address the organisational and change management questions that arise during the implementation of our technology as your interoperability backbone.

Based on our experience in Estonia, our worldwide deployments and R&D work, we combine the following to help you navigate through digital transformation:

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UXP implementation process

1 Pardo, T. A., Nam, T., & Burke, G. B. (2012). E-Government Interoperability: Interaction of Policy, Management, and Technology Dimensions. Social Science Computer Review, 30(1), 7–23.