Greenland Interoperability Framework Pitu

Region: Europe; Population: 0.056 million; Capital: Nuuk; Year started: 2018

Greenland is a uniquely placed country with an ambitious government set out to tackle the challenges presented by a modernising population and society – the digitisation of government and emergence of citizen-faced online e-services.

The government of Greenland, Naalakkersuisut established a strong foundation for improving digital government in a strategy document “The digital society - national digitization strategy 2018-2021”. One of the goals was to establish a joint and secure exchange platform for the country’s digital data. The modernisation of Greenland’s digital government is led by Agency for Digitisation and in the pilot phase, areas like the citizen portal (Sullisivik Portal) as a single window for all e-government functionality were approached. Also, underlining the importance hunting has on the livelihood of the people and economy of Greenland, the hunters register was seen as a crucial public service. Other public services that were looked into include digital moving, registries of medical practitioners, digital post and digital patient journal.

In 2019, Cybernetica started deploying the full scale data exchange solution. This is approached from a resilient government perspective and availability in mind. The governing components of the data exchange platform are installed in two sites, including on Azure Cloud.

Availability of these governing components is essential for enabling the data exchange between organizations. Therefore, redundancy is used to ensure the availability of the registry services. Synchronization process ensures that both primary and secondary sites provide the same data. In addition to UXP components, the message exchange depends on certification authority and trust services: timestamping service and OCSP service.

Pitu is the Greenlandic word for the front strap on a dog sled. The front strap creates the link between the dog sled and the dogs. A simple, but absolutely crucial, device that ensures that the dogs’ leads are assembled and secured, so that the musher can steer them in the right direction.