Summer Internship 2019

Follow these steps to apply for the internship

  1. Registration – Registration for this year’s summer internship is over
    Please send your name, contact details, the position (developer, system analyst or QA specialist) and location (Tallinn/Tartu) to e-mail You can send your CV or LinkedIn profile but at this point this is not necessary.

  2. Test assignment
    You’ll be given a test assignment via e-mail on 8th of April. You’ll have one week to solve the test.

  3. Interviews and summaries
    After the task interviews will be followed (in April and May). Final trainees are selected after interviews in the middle of May.

  4. Intern program begins
    Intern program begins in mid-June 2019. First day of the trainee program will take place in Tallinn office. Starting time of the internship will be agreed separately with each trainee.

Join Cybernetica’s intern program if

Why should you participate?

Each trainee is assigned a personal mentor who supports with the onboarding, assigns tasks and provides constant feedback.

Cybernetica’s trainee program lasts from mid-June to the end of August. You can take a one week vacation during the trainee program.


Kristi Jakobsoo
Phone: +372 731 2019