There’s little room for error in fields like defence and so it is crucial to work with an experienced partner. Cybernetica’s core offerings in these areas have highest levels of security, efficiency and functionality.

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Cybernetica's value proposition is based on the notion of situational awareness, where we provide solutions for better awareness in the physical domain as well as in cyberspace. Specifically, our border surveillance solution has been deployed to survey the Estonian border for almost two decades. Our maritime radio communications and C2 systems are used in over 100 locations around the globe. Cybernetica's cyber situational awareness capabilities have been deployed in multiple European defense projects, including those for the European Space Agency. Lastly, we develop capabilities for our partners, whether it involves creating a specific cryptographic solution or a larger-scale system like military mobility.

Our Offering


We have nearly 25 years of experience in building future-proof technologies that rely on research and development.

ECYSAP / European Defence Industrial Development Programme

The main objective is to develop and implement of innovative theoretical foundations, methods and research prototypes integrated towards providing a European operational platform for enabling real-time Cyber Situational Awareness (CSA) with rapid-response defensive capabilities and decision-making support for military end-users.

Secure Digital Military Mobility System

Cybernetica is leading the "Secure Digital Military Mobility System (SDMMS)" consortium project financed by the European Defence Fund and carried out by 11 European companies. The goal of the project is to create software that would promote the cross-border movement of military units of European countries within Europe, taking into account the main bottlenecks that may occur.

VORMSI / United States Air Force Research Laboratory

Estonia and United States have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate in the development of a security threat sharing and correlation system. The project aims to research, design and implement standards, processes, methods and rules for the exchange and processing of cybersecurity information between nations.

VHF communication system for Romanian Naval Authority

Within 12 months, the existing solution was gradually phased out and replaced with Cybernetica’s radio system in more than 20 operational locations along the riverside. The radio system is an intrinsic component of RoRiS – Romania’s main navigation tool on the Danube inland waterway.

Minerva / European Space Agency

We are building a local unsupervised machine learning enabled cybersecurity toolset that will assist an IT administrator or an auditing security analyst of an SME to rapidly comprehend complex local and external network activity and to effectively identify problem areas and suspicious behaviour.

Coastal Vessel Traffic Management System for Morocco

We successfully delivered and deployed a comprehensive Vessel Traffic Management System to the Moroccan responsible authority, CSTM (Centre de Surveillance du Trafic Maritime), located in Tangier. The primary objective of this project was to replace the existing system and elevate the Vessel Traffic Service at the Gibraltar Strait to a new level.

FAMOUS / European Commission

The project “European Future Highly Mobile Augmented Armoured Systems” (FAMOUS) aims at maximizing synergies, standardization and interoperability capabilities of armoured vehicles to address highly demanding requirements while introducing innovative and promising new technologies and concepts.


Cybernetica was granted funding by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) under PROVENANCE project to bring value to communication between the public and private sector by creating techniques for constructing meaningful zero-knowledge proofs.

EUCINF / European Commission

EUCINF aims to create a comprehensive European library of adaptable software components that can be seamlessly integrated into Cyber and Information Warfare (CIW) systems. These components will possess capabilities in detection, analysis, fusion, and threat targeting, thus bolstering the functions of Cyber and Operational Centers.

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