We provide a suite of consulting services to ensure seamless interoperability, supporting your digital transformation with expertise in use-case discovery, capacity building, and more.

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Achieving interoperability can be a complex task

We will support you on your journey by addressing any questions that come up along the way. To support a successful technical implementation, we offer the following:

Discovery Sessions

Each interoperability implementation journey is unique. By assessing the current situation and asking the right questions, we can work together to support mapping a successful digital transformation initiative.

Project Support

Our experienced project team will provide specialised support to you throughout your journey. A team of experts who have extensive implementation experience will be available to assist with deployment and to answer questions throughout the project life cycle.

Organisational & Change Management

Technology is only one piece of the puzzle. Our assessments help your organisation determine the readiness for implementation, identifying any gaps and options for overcoming them.

Training & Capacity Building

We will deliver technical training to ensure your team has the support and materials needed for a successful deployment. In addition to our technical training, we offer capacity building on topics related to e-governance in general, and interoperability and secure data exchange in particular, to support organisational knowledge building.

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder alignment is key to project success. We have the strategies and materials to support stakeholder management and continuous engagement. Together with our local partners, we provide guidance for bringing the necessary parties around the table, working towards a common goal.

Use Case Implementation Guidance

We strive to create value and deliver positive change through a phased approach. Our experts will help you identify the most impactful use cases and guide the implementation process with practical and context-specific recommendations.

Consultation services to foster context-embedded interoperability

Our advisory team ensures that UXP implementations are designed based on customer requirements and digital maturity. We will guide you through a successful deployment by focusing on an incremental approach producing tangible results along the way. A smooth and seamless transition also implies taking into account local circumstances.

  • Discovery

    Our advisory team starts by conducting a digital landscape assessment. This will inform us of the current state of affairs and help map out most promising use cases to start with. The discovery phase can also entail compiling a plan of approach and roadmap for a full-scale interoperability solution.

  • Proof of concept

    Once our advisory team is done with the preliminary assessment, our engineers will implement a small-scale technical environment to test the first use cases. This PoC generally lasts from 6 months up to a year and demonstrates applicability and feasibility of the solution before wider implementation.

  • Live environment

    If the decision is made to move forward, we start scaling the technical instance according to the plan of approach. The system will grow step by step depending on your digital readiness and following a gradual, well-defined roadmap, compiled by our advisory team.

  • Full support and maintenance

    Our dedicated product and operations team regularly upgrades and maintains our technologies to make sure all facets of performance and security are covered. In addition to professional technical support, you can enjoy continued provision of consulting services, to ensure long-term success.

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Head of Data Exchange Technologies Department