Interoperability Advisory

Secure interoperability is foundation for your digital transformation process. We answer any questions that may arise.

Achieving interoperability can be a complex task. As we want you to succeed on your journey, our advisory services help you address the organisational and change management questions that may arise striving towards interoperability. Based on our extensive experience and R&D work, we combine the following to navigate you through the digital transformation world:

Assessment of interoperability readiness.

Discovery, analysis and re-design of business processes.

Uncovering new business models with the help of UXP.

Crafting digital transformation strategy founded on an interoperability framework.

Consultancy on the legal, organisational, as well as technical management of our interoperability platform.

Interested to know more?

For more information, please contact:

Adhele Tuulas

Head of Sales and Partnerships for Data Exchange