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If you don't have a comprehensive overview of all your assets, both digital and physical, they can be used to harm you. Cybersecurity risk assessment will provide a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your systems so you could better defend yourself in a world where digital threats are increasingly common.

Asset inventory

We conduct asset inventory where we map the system and elicit assets used by the system (physical, virtual, remote, and those within cloud environments). Discovered assets are documented by defining various attributes of assets. We evaluate how the assets are currently supported (maintained, batched, updated) and provide suggestions for regular reviews and updates of the inventory of all system assets.

Vulnerability assessment

Once we have an overview of assets available we can run asset vulnerability assessment, which identifies assets under threat and gives an overview of the current system vulnerability status.

Penetration testing

With most critical assets we will conduct further security assessment by penetration testing each of them thoroughly and assessing the vulnerabilities from attackers point of view.


Once we have completed series of risk assessment activities we can offer advice how to better protect the system against the found vulnerabilities and how to raise the awareness of users of the assets.

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