Marine Radio Communication

Cybernetica has been providing modern radio communication infrastructure solutions since 2003. With over 70 installations around the world, we are confident we can provide a reliable solution to every customer.

Our radio communication systems are based on VoIP with built-in encryption that uses custom public key infrastructure (PKI). Our existing systems cover frequency bands from 1.8 KHz to 3 GHz (MF to UHF).

Reliability. The core system design principle is reliability. Various features are provided to achieve this goal, like open architecture, continuous monitoring, early warnings for hardware malfunction, remote access for maintenance, up to 100% redundancy of critical components and usage of standard transceivers.

Scalability. The open architecture allows the system to be extended with unrestricted number of transceivers, transceiver sites, operators or operator sites. The IP based architecture supports users with distinguished rights and multiuser scenarios with priority levels that are instantly configurable according to local requirements.

Flexibility. Our radio communication systems can be integrated to radar and camera surveillance systems or various independent systems, like AIS or NAVTEX, can be integrated to our system. The digital data communication can be realized with radio links, mobile network, cable or even via satellite.

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  • Port systems
  • Marine Search and Rescue
  • River and Lock Systems
  • Offshore Solutions
  • Border Police Solution
  • Systems for Mandatory Reporting Areas

Core products

  • Unmanned Sites
  • Operator Centre
  • Monitoring Systems

Optional products

  • VHF Light
  • DSC Solutions
  • RDF Solutions
  • Map Presentations
  • AIS Solutions