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Building a digital society creates a world more smart and secure. Here the combination of leadership, technology, and innovation provides new value for governments, businesses, and citizens.

Interoperability and secure data exchange are the foundations of a digital society. New business models, services, and value emerge by bringing together often independent stakeholders in a trusted environment.

Over the span of two decades, we have seen governments and businesses struggling with their digital transformation projects. One of the main challenges faced in this process is the ability to know how to start, manage change and risks, as well as to choose the right solution when one usually has always limited resources.

Working with an experienced partner and choosing a proven technology helps you achieve the intended impact.

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Cybernetica operates as a strategic partner for governments and businesses. We guide you through the digital transformation process by offering full value through combining our secure data exchange technology, Unified eXchange Platform (UXP) with consulting services.

UXP brings together data from organisations, information systems, and databases. It provides crucial components for interoperability and data exchange in a secure and standardised way. UXP allows service providers to retain control over their systems and data, yet making them a member of an infinitely scalable and decentralised data exchange network.

UXP is developed based on the experience of creating and continuously improving the Estonian X-Road ecosystem, our UXP implementations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North-America and through state-of-the-art research that Cybernetica performs in the fields of information security, cryptography, and e-governance.


Work with major banking and systems integration companies. First use cases around a Personal Data Bank model with one of the largest trust banks in Asia.


Enabling a Trust Platform with the Center for Medical Interoperability (C4MI) within the healthcare space. The first use cases dedicated towards the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to provide oversight of personal protective equipment (PPE) stock across different locations and jurisdictions.


Building the secure data exchange infrastructure for a nationwide interoperability model. Key goals were around supporting transparency and empowering local municipalities in providing access to services for citizens.


Enabling the government to offer digital services to its citizens through an online citizen portal acting as the main gateway for interactions. This is accompanied by a nation-wide implementation of our interoperability technology on which the portal is based.

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