Unified eXchange Platform®

Unified eXchange Platform (UXP) is a technology that enables peer-to-peer data exchange over encrypted and mutually authenticated channels. It is based on a decentralised architecture where each peer has an information system that will be connected with other peers’ systems.

UXP is created by the authors of the world-renowned e-Government system of Estonia, the X-Road, which according to the World Bank Development Report is what allowed Estonia to become a truly digital society.

UXP-based solutions have been implemented across four continents to enable running online government services for 35 million people from different countries and cultures. We make this possible by fitting our technology naturally into your existing ecosystem, with full integration support and minimal changes required.

Seamless Data Exchange. UXP connects any amount of databases in an efficient and secure way, helping you build a network of agreements that allows controlled exchange between any members in your ecosystem.

Less is More. UXP means less paperwork, less bureaucracy, less time spent on futility. In Estonia, digital services save every citizen one work-week per year. What would you do with your week?

Affordable. UXP can be implemented into any ecosystem – be it a tiny country or a supranational association. With very low maintenance cost and marginal implementation investment, UXP is cost-effective and allows you to move ahead one step at a time.

Reliable. UXP has been heavily tried and tested since its launch as Estonia’s X-Road in 2001. No downtime has been observed since and the system survived the world’s first cyber conflict in 2007.

Secure. We use extensive security measures to guarantee the protection and integrity of your data. UXP is secure-by-design, as its decentralised architecture has no single point-of-failure. All traffic is encrypted with 2048 bit keys. These are minimal requirements of the system – cryptographic algorithms can be altered to provide even stronger encryption at the request of our customers.

Scalable. UXP is scalable to any size of infrastructure. Unlimited amount of security servers can be linked together, making it fit for local and international applications.

Private. We use a distributed architecture, eliminating the creation of a superdatabase, which could be prone to exploitation. All transactions are signed and timestamped, making it possible to monitor all queries made by officials against private citizens.

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Core Components

  • UXP Registry
  • UXP Security Servers
  • UXP Monitoring
  • UXP Trust Services

Optional Components

  • UXP Connector
  • UXP Portal
  • UXP Certificate Authority (CA)
  • UXP Timestamping Service


  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Full-scale Implementation
  • Demo and Pilot Setup
  • Implementation Consultation
  • Integration with Existing Systems
  • Field Specific Development
  • Support and Maintenance 24/7