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Module for safe calculation of consumption profile

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The tool allows a third party to calculate the consumption profile from the electricity consumer's consumption/production data without leaking the consumer's private data to the calculating party.

The computation uses three Sharemind MPC servers operated by different organizations. Measurement data is securely shared between servers in a way where it is possible to perform calculations on the parts, but not to identify the original dataset. The dataset of the three servers individually is unidentifiable, but by combining the calculation results of the servers, the final result would be the necessary calculable consumption profile.

The secure calculation method allows third parties to be safely involved in the calculation of consumption profiles, increasing the reliability of the process and compliance with the GDPR regulation.

Technical features

  • 'high-five-of-ten' consumption profile calculation algorithm

  • Sharemind MPC ecosystem

  • Interface with the database using the credentials system

  • Easily scalable technical architecture

SecurePower Insight architecture


This product is part of the ‘Sysflex’ project.

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