Privacy enhancement Sharemind MPC (Multi-Party Computation)

Data processing made safe.

Users work with the Sharemind MPC Application Server to securely process their confidential data.

Flexible API

The Application Server provides an Application Programming Interface (API) for implementing privacy-preserving services. These apps can be used directly from mobile or web applications by end users. Alternatively, they can be used from application backend.

Less complexity

The Sharemind Client API takes the cryptographic complexity out of building privacy-preserving user interfaces. It automatically handles encryption, upload and queries for the client application. At the same time, the Sharemind Standard Library of privacy-preserving algorithms reduces the time of developing the service backend.

Something for everybody

The Sharemind MPC platform can be implemented in a multitude of ways depending on user preference. For example, the free Sharemind MPC SDK & Emulator is suitable for secure programming enthusiasts, Sharemind MPC Academic Server fits the needs of academic researchers, and Sharemind MPC Application server is targeted towards service providers.

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