UXP-based public services in Benin

In cooperation with our partners, Cybernetica has implemented UXP as the full-scale interoperability platform for the National Information Systems and Services Agency (ASSI) of the Republic of Benin. Cybernetica also provided UXP-based public services portal.

UXP functions as the cornerstone of e-governance solutions in Benin. In combination with the public services portal, UXP allows for the development of Integrated Public Services. For example, citizens and businesses gain easy access to public services, such as acquiring construction permits or requesting a certificate of environmental compliance via the public services portal. We strive towards making the operations of the government more seamless and efficient, and lives of the Beninese people much smoother.

UXP and the public services portal:

  • enable to securely and confidentially share and reuse information within the public administration;
  • increase public sector efficiency;
  • reduce costs for users and improve public service quality.

The distributed approach ensures service availability 24/7.