Ukraine Interoperability Framework Trembita

Region: Europe; Population: 44.8 million; Capital: Kyiv; Year started: 2017

Ukraine’s challenges in public service delivery were based in transparency and efficiency. The goals for implementing an interoperability framework were clear:

  • Empower local municipalities with e-services for citizens;
  • Solve Ukraine’s problem of long lines for state services;
  • Help increase the rate of transparency;
  • Reduce the number of state registers by two-thirds.

Increasing the capabilities local municipalities have in delivering e-services to their citizens is an important step towards decentralization in Ukraine. This has been the main goal in the process of creating a data exchange system in Ukraine: strengthening the regions and empowering municipalities with the technical capabilities to offer services online.

Enhanced transparency provided by UXP in delivering public services carries the benefit of increased ethics while engaging with citizens. Reducing the amount of documentation required to receive a public service alongside the number of in-person interactions with state officials is a firm step to create a clean process. As an example of enhanced partnerships in public service, UXP serves to streamline cross-agency cooperation in law enforcement: The National Anti-Corruption Prevention Agency tasked with reviewing the income and asset declaration of public officials will gain access to all relevant registers through a single portal.

The State Agency for e-Governance of Ukraine viewed the implementation of UXP as a key to undertaking a global re-engineering of all the administrative processes of the country and acknowledges the system as the chief instrument for reform in several spheres of life. A significant challenge during the implementation of this project was to modify the Unified eXchange Platform to support Ukrainian cryptographic standards. This required commitment from our experts in state-of-the-art cryptography and several site visits to ensure a smooth transition of the modified platform.

Trembita was implemented in close collaboration with the State Agency of Ukraine for e-Government and eGovernance Academy within the support program EGOV4UKRAINE.

There are other indications of a positive outcome to come, since ahead of the data exchange system going live, more than 100 nationwide electronic services have been introduced via a Government Portal. Signs like this are an assurance that citizens will start receiving public services through a unified public window. At this stage, it has led to 10 000 online registrations of businesses by entrepreneurs, 4 400 construction projects started and more than 270 objects put into operation online. 20 000 families have accessed support for the birth of a child online and over 130 000 Ukrainians have received social services online.

As the platform is due to receive national certification in 2019 and go into full scale production, the opportunity to create integrated public services online will increase as will service delivery numbers.

The trembita is a horn used by Ukrainian highlanders and was a means of communication to bring people together It was used to announce events like weddings, deaths, funerals.