Cybernetica and Inverid partner up to offer Multi-Factor Authentication digital identity

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Inverid and Cybernetica have recently announced a partnership for providing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) digital identity solutions for government and financial services organisations across the EMEA, LATAM, and APAC regions, and leveraging Estonia’s long-established reputation on the global stage as a pioneer in the use of digital identities.
The services from the partnership provide a frictionless process for individuals to use any smart phone as a secure means of digital signing and authentication. Enabling quick, secure access to digital services and transaction approvals enables governments and private business the ability to obtain a high level of assurance that individuals are who they claim to be, to deliver a best-in-class user experience, and ensure such operations are protected with security you can trust.

Together Cybernetica and Inverid meet the highest regulatory standard and certification for security in the European Union, protect an individual’s digital identity from the evolving landscape of generative AI attacks, and are providing a solution that is effortless for organisations to integrate.

"Our partnership enables both our offerings to continue to bring best in class solutions, now and in the future. Intergrating our complimentary technologies into our SplitKey+ product, and working on further integrations along with our other tech partners, brings to the marketplace a very robust and secure remote onboarding and signature solution, all in one application," noted Michael Buckland, Head of Digital Identity at Cybernetica.

Inverid, through the ReadID NFC-first verification services, delivers the highest possible levels of assurance regarding the identity of the users of Cybernetica’s digital identity solutions. Using just a smartphone and an electronic identity document, ReadID instantly verifies the authenticity of a customers' identity document, using secure, cryptographic, and deterministic methods. Based solely on state-issued biometric identity documents, ReadID is the most secure identity verification solution on the market and makes a significant contribution to the prevent of fraud, identity theft, and other cybercrime when individuals sign up to use digital identity solutions.