Cybernetica and Telia partner up to untangle cybersecurity compliance for Estonian health centres

Medical staff

Cybernetica and Telia have linked in a strategic partnership agreement to help fortify cybersecurity for Estonian medical and health centres. The collaboration aims to provide tailored cybersecurity services and training in order to mitigate cyber risks, raise the level of cyber awareness and security and prevent security incidents of organisations across Estonia.

The partnership has started with comprehensive compliance consulting services, aimed at facilitating the implementation of information security measures mandated by the Estonian Information Security Standard (E-ITS). By mitigating cyber risks and pre-empting security incidents, the initiative also aims to bolster the protection of personal data, including sensitive information – which concerns us as individuals.

The cooperation between Cybernetica and Telia is founded on a principle of complementarity rather than competition. Cybernetica, renowned for its expertise in information security and its role as a pioneer in developing Estonia's digital infrastructure, brings a suite of cybersecurity services including consultations, tailored solutions, E-ITS and ISO 27001 compliance consulting, security testing, IT system assessments and much more. Telia, leading provider of IT, telecommunications and digital services, enriches this partnership with its own broad array of solutions and services to provide an additional layer of cybersecurity in different areas: endpoint protection, user protection, network security, identity, visibility etc.

"The idea of collaboration emerged during discussions at the Nordic-Baltic cyber education forum Cybercation in Tartu, where both Cybernetica and Telia were present. We discovered, that with our complementing approaches to cybersecurity services, we are a perfect fit to provide a combined value proposition to clients seeking cybersecurity awareness and more complete protection," said Jaan Heinsoo, Head of Cybersecurity Sales and Partnerships at Cybernetica.

"Telia is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Cybernetica, resulting in a specialised solution designed specifically for healthcare centres to implement E-ITS. This partnership combines Telia’s extensive experience in offering cybersecurity and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) full-stack-solutions with Cybernetica’s expertise in implementing E-ITS," said Martti Kebbinau, Head of Cybersecurity Services at Telia.

Even though the collaboration is initially focusing on the medical sector, SMEs across various industries are sure to benefit from cybersecurity assessment, roadmap and development, provided as part of the services, ensuring appropriate strategies against evolving cyber threats. Additionally, the portion of Estonian SME’s expenses for enhancing their cybersecurity situation is supported by the Estonian Government in an initiative KüberPööre.