Cybernetica to Be Recognised with the Estonian Defence Industry Award of the Year

Cybernetica was awarded with the Estonian Defence Industry Award of the Year for achievements in the multinational consortium to build the European Cyber Situational Awareness Platform (ECYSAP) under the European Defence Industrial Development Program (EDIDP).

The recognition was given to four Estonian companies that were extremely successful in the EDIDP, winning a total of 10 million euros in research and development grants. Cybernetica’s role in the consortium is to provide sensor integration and situational awareness visualisation to the platform intended for military use.

“We are honoured to accept this recognition from the Estonian Defence Industry Association together with other innovative Estonian companies for being a part of the first EDIDP call,” said Oliver Väärtnõu, CEO of Cybernetica.

“The project Cybernetica is contributing to is a major European initiative intended for building an advanced cyber situational awareness platform for the European militaries. The platform to be developed addresses how do militaries understand their cyber situational posture – what are the assets they own, vulnerabilities and threats they are facing, and what are the risks if something fails. The EDIDP project is of strategic interest to us, since it also provides a unique opportunity to work with different European Ministries of Defence and their cyber units, as well as top national defence companies, like INDRA, Airbus, Leonardo, etc. We hope that by the end of this project, countries that we have worked for, will have a cyber situational awareness capability similar to what they have for physical situational awareness today,“ he added.

The Minister of Defence of Estonia, Mr. Jüri Luik said that the Estonian defence industry has stood out in the international arena as a strong, capable and ambitious partner. “Together we have reached the next stage in the development of the sector – the defence industry contributes to the Estonian economy, helps to create world-class security solutions for Estonia and our allies, and assures Estonia’s international and innovative image,” said Luik. He added that the Award of the Year – grant from the European Defence Fund pilot program – is a very big step for the Estonian defence industry and a proof that small countries and companies can participate in the program and jointly create new defence capabilities in the EU.

For the first time, the Estonian Defence Industry Association chose defence industry Award of the Year, instead of the awarding of the Estonian Defence Industry Company of the Year, which has been handed out to six companies. The goal of the award is to recognise and spotlight the great success of four Estonian companies - Milrem AS, Cybernetica AS, GT Cyber Technologies OÜ, and DefSecIntel Solutions OÜ - in the EDIDP.