Cybernetica to start providing cybersecurity risk assessment to businesses and organisations

Known mainly as the developer of e-governance technologies, Cybernetica will now start offering cyber risk assessment and security services to its clients. Until now Cybernetica has provided similar services as part of other products, but now the company has established a designated department of experienced cybersecurity experts.

According to Oliver Väärtnõu, CEO of Cybernetica, it’s a logical step for the company to branch out into cybersecurity services. “Security has always been the highest priority in everything we do. For example, we conduct security research and also provide secure software development to our clients. While we haven’t offered cybersecurity as a separate product or service so far, it has by default always been a component in everything we do,” said Väärtnõu.

At the core of this new offering will be cyber risk assessment and consultation services to help locate vulnerabilities in a client’s infrastructure and to help prepare for cyber attack. Cybernetica experts will conduct a detailed overview of an organisation’s virtual, physical and cloud-based assets, their vulnerabilities, up to attack simulations if need be.

The Head of Cybersecurity Department Sander Valvas observes that regardless of sectors, organisations tend to not have an overview of their assets open to attacks, which is why it is difficult to be prepared. “We’ve all heard the news about how a hospital’s work is compromised due to a ransom attack, or how a cyber attack can completely halt logistics or production, or even the social media influencers who lose access to their accounts and livelihood because they don’t use multi-factor authentication,” Valvas explains the severity of the situation.

Cybernetica develops a secure data exchange technology, which is also the foundation to Estonia’s X-road, digital identity technology that is used in the Smart-ID service and has also conducted numerous reports for Estonia on cryptography, for example, and has also participated in the development of the Estonian information security standards.