Cybernetica is working on a new Digital Identity Wallet with SK ID Solutions

Cybernetica is once again working with long-term partner SK ID Solutions to develop a new eID solution to enhance current digital identities in response to European Commission’s renewing of the eIDAS regulation.

Changes in policy

The eIDAS is the EU-level regulation for trust services necessary for electronic identification and electronic transactions. While the SplitKey technology, created by Cybernetica and used by SK ID Solutions for Smart-ID in the Baltics is eIDAS compliant, changes are to be expected for digital identity as it is currently used in Europe.

Now, the European Commission has come to the conclusion that the current regulation is not sufficiently effective and has not ensured the effective functioning of digital identity in all EU member states, as well as across member states in the single digital market. The new draft eIDAS regulation describes the concept of a new digital wallet and specifies which services should be offered by trust service providers in the future.

The digital identity wallet will be an application on a user's phone that allows users to verify their identity, provide a digital signature and share information.

Research for better technologies and better trust services

Together in partnership SK ID Solutions and Cybernetica are researching the technology, business and social aspects in order to create a strong foundation for the new digital identity wallet. Once implemented, the wallet will yield benefits for both, the users as well as service providers, and likely accelerate the development of new standardised secure digital services.

This project covers the commercial aspects like finding business models suitable for market participants, but also developing and validating novel crypto algorithms and security protocols, and the suitability of the solution and the processes offered to different EU cultural spaces.

Cybernetica's partnership with SK ID Solutions in this project creates a good opportunity to explore and analyse new areas in the eID field, based on the practical needs of the trust service provider and the market.

The research project is funded by the European Union Regional Development Fund in coordination by Enterprise Estonia.